In what will be a boost in the use of technology to support people with disability, the partnership will address challenges like data availability and quality Next Step Foundation has partnered with Assistive Technologies for Disability Trust (AT4D) to address key challenges for Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Sustainable Development Goals […]

Education is intrinsically linked to labour markets and economic growth, influencing economic returns for people and the gross domestic product of a country. Better education levels contribute to healthier and more agile labour markets. Universal secondary education could lift 420 million people out of poverty worldwide, according to Unesco. Apart from […]

Leading the pack are mTek’s Bente Krogmann, Kaushik Burman of Spiro, Jesse Moore from M-Kopa, Ian Usiri of Ramani, Jacqueline Wambua, General Manager-East Africa at Roche, and Harrison Muiru of Smart Applications Group, among others. mTek, a Kenyan-based digital online insurance platform known for its insurance products, alongside M-Kopa and […]

The County Government of Nakuru has installed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system in operations of its Nakuru County Referral and Teaching Hospital (NCRTH) to help identify health trends, anticipate disease outbreaks and optimize resource allocation. While noting that the future of health care is data-driven, bolstered by analytics and fueled […]

Several Kenyan firms lack adequate digital mobilisation despite the fast changing landscape, according to an expert. Phillip Thigo, Kenya’s the special envoy for technology, said businesses still lag behind in incorporating Artificial Intelligence in their operations, despite its potential. “Companies in country should have an agile, digital and growth mindset […]

Mitsumi Distribution is partnering with Dell Technologies to host innovative workshops that will focus on artificial intelligence (AI). The partnership is expected to drive AI uptake across various sectors of the economy and its applications, particularly within the healthcare industry. The partnership announcement was made during the inaugural workshop recently […]