How AI is Bridging Healthcare Gaps in Africa

Access to quality diagnostic imaging in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in Africa, has long been a significant challenge. However, a team of innovative entrepreneurs in Egypt and Kenya are harnessing the power of technology to address this gap. Their solution, Rology, is an AI-assisted teleradiology platform designed to connect health facilities with a global network of radiologists. Using AI algorithms, the platform processes medical images, identifying potential anomalies and aiding in diagnosis.

The platform’s recent FDA 510(k) clearance, celebrated in October 2023, gives even more credibility to the potential of this tool. The AI-assisted teleradiology platform securely uploads medical images to the cloud. Here, they are processed by AI algorithms to identify potential anomalies and facilitate diagnosis. The ultimate goal is to make radiological services more accessible, efficient, and accurate, particularly in underserved areas.

Impact of the Radiologist Shortage

The shortage of radiologists in Kenya and Egypt has had critical implications for public health. Mahmoud Barakat, Associate CEO at Rology, highlights the severe shortage of radiologists in Kenya, especially in rural areas. This scarcity has led to higher maternal mortality rates, missed diagnoses, and delayed treatments. The situation is similar in Egypt, where disparities between urban and rural areas are pronounced. The shortage of radiology services has a significant impact, especially on maternal health services. But with the aid of Rology’s platform, these areas can have better access to crucial diagnostic services.

Entrepreneurs and Scientists from the Global South

Rology CEO, Amr Abodraiaa, has firsthand experience of the challenges faced by radiology departments in delivering timely and accurate diagnoses. Born and raised in Egypt, Abodraiaa understands the disparities between urban and rural areas. He emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurs and scientists from the Global South in developing practical, culturally sensitive, and sustainable solutions for healthcare challenges.

One such entrepreneur is Tafadzwa Kalisto Munzwa, founder and CEO of Dawa Health. Munzwa is leveraging AI-tools, last-mile health workers, mobile clinics, and digital tools to improve maternal and child health in Africa. His project, DawaMom, aims to democratize access to maternal healthcare in lower and middle-income countries.

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Rology’s New Ventures

As a leading AI-assisted teleradiology platform in the Middle East and Africa, Rology is consistently innovating and expanding. Recently, the platform announced new product launches and partnerships. Focused on providing solutions for radiologists and healthcare organizations, Rology leverages AI and cloud-based technologies. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing hospital systems, streamlining the workflow of radiologists, improving the accuracy and efficiency of diagnoses, and enhancing patient care.


Through the targeted use of AI and cloud-based technologies, Rology is playing a pivotal role in closing the radiology gap in low and middle-income countries. The platform’s ability to connect health facilities with a global network of radiologists has significant implications for public health. As more entrepreneurs like Amr Abodraiaa and Tafadzwa Kalisto Munzwa rise to the challenge, we can anticipate a future where access to quality healthcare is democratized for all, regardless of income or geography.


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