Kenya Considers TikTok Ban Over Data Security Concerns

Kenya’s Interior Ministry is said to be considering to take action against TikTok to ensure the safety of sensitive data and protect Kenyans’ security.

Kenya Considers TikTok Ban Over Data Security Concerns

The Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki recently revealed to parliament the concerns of the National Security Council regarding social media threats, particularly from TikTok, citing apprehensions regarding its promotion of explicit content and possible contribution to criminal activities, particularly for young users.

Also, there are concerns about the platform’s compliance with data protection laws, prompting the government to consider regulatory measures.  In response to similar criticism in other countries, TikTok has defended its record on user privacy.

However, the government is prepared to take regulatory action if TikTok fails to comply with its data protection laws. This could involve imposing restrictions or even banning the platform if necessary to safeguard sensitive information and ensure the security of Kenyan citizens.

byDavid Adubiina

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