Starlink Chooses Kenya as it sets it’s first office in Africa

In a strategic move, Starlink, a satellite internet company under the umbrella of SpaceX, has extended its presence in Africa beyond its initial launch in Nigeria. Notably, Kenya has been selected as the site for Starlink’s first physical office on the continent, signifying a significant commitment to the region.

Acknowledging this expansion, SpaceX recently released a job vacancy for the role of Global Licensing Activation Manager, sub-Saharan Africa. The selected professional will play a pivotal role in managing a diverse portfolio of countries, overseeing both internal and external interactions. The primary objective is to facilitate Starlink’s licensing process as an Internet service provider, thereby paving the way for increased connectivity within the country. This strategic move aligns with Starlink’s broader vision of serving individuals and enterprises globally in the foreseeable future.

The designated professional for this role will be stationed in Nairobi, Kenya, and will report to the team operating from our MacGregor, TX location, ensuring seamless coordination and communication within the organization.

Starlink made its initial foray into the African market with the launch of its services in Nigeria, as announced in a tweet in January. The company’s commitment to enhancing connectivity in the region is evident from subsequent launches in various African countries, including Kenya, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, and Eswatini.

This strategic move to establish a physical presence in Kenya underscores Starlink’s dedication to fostering reliable and widespread internet access across the African continent. As the company expands its operations, this initiative is poised to contribute significantly to bridging the digital divide and empowering communities with enhanced connectivity solutions.


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