Experts bet on AI for new phase of industrial revolution

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a huge potential to boost Africa’s preparedness for the fifth industrial revolution, experts say.

AI is a concept that allows computers to learn and solve problems almost like a person. The systems are fed huge volumes of data and learn to identify the patterns in it, to carry out tasks such as having human-like conversations or predicting a product an online shopper might buy.

“We see numerous opportunities for AI to align with the continent’s development agenda. Getting it right, especially for Africa, will allow the continent to take the lead in the upcoming fifth industrial revolution,” said Jacki O’Neill, director at Microsoft Africa Research Institute (MARI).

“AI investment – in research, building, and deployment – promises to yield substantial returns across a wide range of sectors and has the potential to help mitigate some of the continent’s most pressing challenges.”

Industrial 5.0 will be characterised by human and machine collaboration and Africa’s population will be a key driver of this revolution.

“While great growth potential exists, we expect it to manifest primarily in areas that receive investment and attention. Moreover, Africa must be careful and consider potential hazards such as ethical considerations, scalability, inclusivity, and the unintended impacts that AI may have on the continent,” said Njeri Mwagiru, a Senior Futurist at the Institute for Futures Research at Stellenbosch Business School at workshop organised by MARI.


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