Bill Gates believes in a better world powered by humans helped by artificial intelligence.

Bill Gates, for years, has put the technology sector aside to face greater challenges that encompass the entire planet. Both its organizations and the projects in which it is involved are focused on development of humanity, using the tools at their disposal to ensure that less favored communities can also benefit from the advances of the first world. Now, in a recent article, he believes that artificial intelligence is going to be the launching pad for a new era.

Bill Gates’ wishes for humanity

Under the title ‘The road ahead of us reaches a crucial point in 2024’, Bill Gates has published an article on his blog GatesNotes in which he makes a review of what is to come in 2024taking into account, above all, the improvements that the artificial intelligence in various sectors of society.

Looking at those countries where the population is most unprotected, Bill believes that AI is here to change eradically, how we face challenges which still represent a headache. As written by the technology magnate, these are the more ambitious issues that are currently being investigated:

  • Fight antibiotic resistance through artificial intelligence.
  • Use artificial intelligence so that each student can have a personalized tutor as already happens in projects and applications such as Khanmigo, MATHia or Somanasi.
  • Improve the risk pregnancies through AI, especially in countries where these are a serious problem, as is the case of India.
  • Use the benefits of chatbots, such as ChatGPT, to discuss sensitive topics such as risk to contract diseases like HIV.
  • Access to health information of patients using artificial intelligence and voice chats.

In addition to addressing how artificial intelligence can be a turning point for a new era of humanity, the challenges we must face as a civilization they still number in the hundreds. For Bill Gates, for example, it is necessary to face the child malnutritionwhich affects one in four children in the world, the climate changewith nuclear energy as one of its next pillars, or a future pandemicfor which, despite everything we have been through, we are not prepared.

By Advay Hora


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