Samsung set to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) features on its upcoming devices.

Samsung has announced plans to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) features on its upcoming devices.

The embedment of AI will cut across all the categories, including visual displays, digital appliances, mobile experiences, and automotive technology.

According to the Head of Customer Electronics at Samsung Electronics East Africa, Sam Odhiambo, this will be a key solution to offer a transformative experience to Samsung’s customers.

“At Samsung, AI isn’t just a feature; it’s the catalyst for transformative experiences. We are reimagining customer electronics, infusing AI into our products to create personalized, intuitive, and seamlessly connected experiences,” he said.

The company’s efforts are based on security advancement, resource circularity, and energy conservation.

“The company is committed to achieving net zero goals and actively employs recycled materials in its products, showcasing the dedication to sustainable practices,” Samsung’s statement read.

The initiative will also ensure responsible innovations, sustainability, accessibility, and reduced environmental impact.

By Future Kyama

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